How we started

In 2010, Hector Wine Company was founded by 7th generation viticulturist, Jason Hazlitt, and veteran Finger Lakes winemaker, Justin Boyette. The idea was to allow for a more stable and focused vision for Sawmill Creek Vineyards, Jason’s family vineyard and to make wines that were representative of the south east side of Seneca Lake.


Justin and Jason continue to push the boundaries of winemaking and Hector hospitality. Basically, we are a group of friends who are passionate about making inspired wine, working hard, and finding beauty in every experience.


Together we make wines that represent the centuries old Sawmill Creek Vineyards, a legendary Finger Lakes farm that has seen generations of family make wine and farm alongside their loved ones.

Hector Wine Company

Premium wine handcrafted by a group of passionate friends

Hector Wine Company

Our Timeline

A sweeping view of the Hector Wine Company vineyards on a beautiful blue Seneca Lake

The farm is purchased

In 1852, David Hazlitt purchased a 154-acre fruit farm in Hector, on the eastern shore of Seneca Lake. The farm’s primary crop at the time was peaches, and it is easy to imagine cherries and apples growing abundantly on the site, as well. David Hazlitt had farmed since 1823 in Mecklenburg, about 15 miles away from the farm he acquired in Hector. A little more than a decade after purchasing the farm, the grape-growing frenzy that occurred in the 1860s enveloped the Hazlitt farm as well.


Hector Wine Company's Eric Hazlitt wears a black beanie and aviator sunglasses as he tends the vineyard in the 1980s

A family legacy continues

Generations later, Jim Hazlitt's son, Eric, comes back to help manage the vineyard after spending time as an auto-mechanic. Eric Hazlitt, the 6th generation grower on the farm, is the current owner and is our grower Jason's father.



Two Vineyards are established

In 1982, sons Jim Hazlitt and Jerry Hazlitt decided to split the farm between themselves, with Jerry moving forward and establishing Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards winery, and Jim establishing Hazlitt Vineyards.



Sawmill Creek Vineyards is born

By 1995, Jim recognized the need to avoid confusion with Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards, and changed the name to Sawmill Creek Vineyards, paying homage to the natural work of art that is the gully bordering the vineyard on the south end of the property. Sawmill Creek is indicated with a historical marker that recounts the significance of the site.



Hector Wine Company founded

Hector Wine Company was built upon a shared vision for craft, community and collaboration. Sawmill’s 7th generation grower Jason Hazlitt partners with cutting-edge Finger Lakes winemaker Justin Boyette with the idea to make handcrafted wines that represent the farm, to push the envelope and to be a pillar in the community for events and the arts.



Our philosophy

We are a group of friends who are passionate about making inspired wine, working hard, and finding beauty. Together we make wines that represent the centuries old farm at Sawmill Creek Vineyards and the soul of the Finger Lakes. We welcome visitors to the winery daily to enjoy our wines in an environment that is friendly, laid back and educational.