Hector Wine Company was founded in 2010 by 7th generation viticulturist, Jason Hazlitt, and veteran Finger Lakes winemaker, Justin Boyette. The idea was to allow for a more stable and focused vision for Sawmill Creek Vineyards, Jason’s family vineyard and to make wines that were representative of the south east side of Seneca Lake. In early 2012, Alexandra Bond joined the winemaking team and has since become a partner in the winery with Justin and Jason as they continue to push the boundaries of winemaking and Hector hospitality.  Along with their small team, they welcome visitors to the winery daily for tastings and sales in an environment that is friendly, laid back and educational.

Hector Wine Company is, at its most basic, a group of friends who are passionate about making inspired wine, working hard, finding beauty and who together make wines that represent the centuries old farm at Sawmill Creek Vineyards